Sebastián Boltaña Harms
Sebastián Boltaña HarmsPh.D. Cellular Biology and Immunology
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Inmunología, Biología Molecular, Bioinformática, Biotecnología Marina, Ingeniería Genética, Biotecnología e Innovación

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Publicaciones (últimos 5 años)

  • De Santis, C., Taylor, J.F., Martinez-Rubio, L., Boltana, S. & Tocher, D.R. 2015. “Influence of development and dietary phospholipid content and composition on intestinal transcriptome of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar).” PlosOne. DOI:10.1371
  • Boltana, S. Valenzuela, D. Aguilar, A. Mackenzie S. Gallardo C. 2015. “Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) dynamics evidence immunomodulation during ISAV-Infected Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)” Scientific Report.
  • Valenzuela-Miranda D., S. Boltaña, M E. Cabrejos, J.M. Yáñez, C. Gallardo-Escárate. 2015. “High-throughput transcriptome analysis of ISAV-infected Atlantic salmon Salmo salar unravels divergent immune responses associated to head-kidney, liver and gills tissues” Fish and Shellfish Immunology
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  • Boltaña S., Chávez- Mardones J., Valenzuela – Muñoz V., Gallardo-Escárate C. 2015. “Notch signaling pathway evidences modulation in the sea louse Caligus rogercresseyi exposed to antiparasites” IJMB
  • Núñez-Acuña, G., Vera-Bizama, F., Boltaña, S., Hawes, C., Pino-Marambio, J., Wadsworth, S & Gallardo-Escárate, C. 2015. “Sea louse ionotropic receptors genes from Caligus rogercresseyi are modulated through in-feed additives: a comparative analysis in two host salmon species” Aquaculture
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