Lohengrin Cavieres
Lohengrin CavieresDoctor en Ciencias c/m Biología, Universidad de Chile
Líneas de investigación:
Ecología, Ecofisiología y Biogeografía de la flora de Chile

Proyectos (últimos 5 años)

2009-2012: Investigador principal. Climate change in the Andes of central Chile: Assessing the importance of growing season length and summer rainfall in the responses of alpine plant species to warming. FONDECYT 1090389.

2010-2014: Co-Investigador. Pinus contorta Douglas ex Louden as a model species for pine invasions in southern Southamerica: patterns, mechanisms and impacts. FONDECYT 1100792 (I.P. Anibal Pauchard).

2011-2014: Co-Investigador. Effect of acclimation to moderate water stress and high irradiance on crown architecture, photosynthesis, growth, and survival of seedlings of Eucryphia cordifolia (ulmo) in open planting sites. FONDECYT 1110661 (I.P. Luis Corcuera).

2011-2015: Co-Investigador. Assessing the importance of moss carpets for the establishment of native plants in the antarctic under a global change scenario. FONDECYT 1120895 (I.P. Angélica Casanova-Katny).

2012-2015: Co-Investigador. Antarctic Plant Ecophysiology: Unraveling the biological consequences of climate change on plant populations of the Maritime Antarctic. Anillos de Investigación en Ciencia Antártica, Programa de Investigación Asociativa CONICYT-INACH, NºART1102 (I.P. León Bravo).

2013-2016: Investigador Principal. Invasive plant species and climate change in the Andes of central Chile: Assessing the impact of invasive species and the consequences of warming for the invasion process. FONDECYT 1130592.

2013-2014: Co-Investigador. Fuego, invasoras e historia evolutiva en el matorral de Chile central. i-Link + 2012, CSIC, España (I.P. Juli Pausas).

2014-2018: Co-Investigador. Quantifying the impacts of Pinus contorta invasion on the micro-environment, vegetation and mycorrhizal communities. FONDECYT 1140485 (I.P. Anibal Pauchard).

2017-2020: Investigador Principal. Assessing the impact of invasive plant species on the functional diversity and ecosystem functioning of native communities along an elevational gradient in the Andes of central Chile.

Publicaciones (últimos 5 años)

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