Néstor Fernández del Saz
Néstor Fernández del SazDoctor en Biología de las plantas en condiciones mediterráneas, Universidad de las Islas Baleares, España.
Líneas de investigación:
Fisiología Vegetal.

Proyectos (últimos 5 años)

  • Unravelling the in vivo functions of the alternative oxidase pathway in Rhizobium-legume symbiosis. FONDECYT REGULAR 1191118 (2019-2023).

Publicaciones (últimos 5 años)

  • Sánchez-Guerrero A; Del-Saz NF; Flórez-Sarasa I; Ribas-Carbó M; Fernie A; Jiménez A; Sevilla-Palenzuela F (2019). Coordinated responses of mitochondrial antioxidative enzymes, respiratory pathways and metabolism in Arabidopsis thaliana thioredoxin trxo1 mutants under salinity. Environmental and Experimental Botany. 162, pp. 212 – 222.
  • Mesa-Marín J, Del-Saz NF, Rodríguez-Llorente ID., Redondo-Gómez S, Pajuelo E, Ribas-Carbó M, Mateos-Naranjo E (2018). PGPR reduce root respiration and oxidative stress enhancing Spartina maritima root growth and heavy metal rhizoaccumulation. Frontiers in Plant Science, 9: 1500
  • Del-Saz NF, Romero-Munar A, Cawthray GR, Palma F, Aroca R, Baraza E, Florez-Sarasa I, Lambers H and Ribas-Carbó M (2018). Phosphorus concentration coordinates a respiratory bypass, synthesis and exudation of citrate, and the expression of high-affinity phosphorus transporters in Solanum lycopersicum. Plant, Cell and Environment. Wiley, 22/02/2018.
  • Del-Saz NF; Ribas-Carbó M; McDonald A; Lambers H; Fernie A; Flórez-Sarasa I (2018). An In Vivo Perspective of the Role(s) of the Alternative Oxidase Pathway. Trends in Plant Science.
  • Del-Saz NF; Romero-Munar A; Alonso-Forn D; Aroca R; Baraza E; Flexas J; Ribas-Carbó M (2017). Respiratory ATP cost and benefit of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis with Nicotiana tabacum at different growth stages and under salinity. Journal of Plant Physiology. 218, pp. 243 – 248.
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